Mary E. Cartales

 MS, MA, DMT, INPP Certified Licentiate

For over 30 years, the focus of my work has been helping children who struggle with learning, behavioral and emotional challenges.  Working in pre-schools, elementary schools, after-school programs, hospitals, social service agencies and as a private instructor/practitioner I continue to design and facilitate movement-based programs for children of all ages. 

Through extensive studies in psychology, neurology and movement including a Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy, Post-graduate studies in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals™, and Certification in Neuro-Developmental Delay Remediation from The Institute for Physiolo  gical Psychology (Chester, England) I’ve developed a keen understanding of academic, social and emotional challenges children experience during a “normal” school year.

During this difficult and confusing time, I am utilizing my unique skill set to help teachers, students, administrators and parents navigate the new classroom by creating academic, social/emotional and behavioral programs and curriculum that are sensory-based and can be incorporated in the physical classroom and virtually with equal ease and effectiveness.