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New Classroom

Learn through watching – Mary works with individual classes introducing safe, socially distanced movement and mindfulness activities to aid students and teachers alike in adapting to a new, unfamiliar paradigm.  Children thrive in consistent, predictable environments that include rites, rituals and ample, safe movement opportunities.

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Movement is the #1 developer of our neurological system. 

As a Certified Licentiate of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) (Chester, England), Mary will conduct a formal assessment to determine your child’s level of neuro-immaturity.  She will prescribe a motor-training program for your child consisting of specific exercises to be performed once daily under parental or caregiver supervision.  The exercises take around 5-10 minutes and help create and/or strengthen neural pathways to higher brain levels where academic learning occurs.  The INPP method addresses the root cause of learning issues, not just the symptoms.

Motor Training for


Delay Remediation

Teachers and program administrators will gain insight into how movement plays a crucial role in neurological development and how to incorporate movement activities into their daily classroom curriculum.  When learning is multi-sensory focused, it has far more impact and produces easier recall.  Children learn first through movement and when added to academic lessons, the results are amazing!

Professional Development courses for pre-school and elementary teachers

In-School Program Design & Facilitation

Mary will help you determine exactly what type of movement program will most benefit your specific population and together you will design a program that Mary can either facilitate or teach your staff to facilitate.  Whether recreational, therapeutic, simple physical movement and dance or movement to aid academic and/or social emotional success, Mary has years of experience co-designing movement programs and a special gift for combining movement interventions that address numerous issues.