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Specialized Movement Classes

For children ages 3-8


Movement is a child’s first language.  Your Movement Resource Classes are based on fundamental movement patterns that lay the groundwork for and strengthen neural connections to higher brain centers where learning takes place.  Movement exercises the body, brain and soul and truly is the antidote to many learning and emotional challenges.


Children work both individually and cooperatively in time and space exploration, non-verbal communication with others, and learning specific movement routines which are designed to stabilize the neuro-motor connection necessary to focus on and complete tasks.  This fun and purposeful class is beneficial to all children and specifically those with attention challenges.



For children ages 5-8

Through fun and exciting movement activities, 3- & 4-year-olds develop six important skill sets* necessary for a smooth transition to kindergarten.

*Motor, Reasoning, Social, Language, Reading & Writing, Mathematics Skills

Moving Through Pre-K for 3’s & 4’s


For children ages 3-5

Spectacular Strides

For children ages 5-8


In this class, children on the Autism Spectrum develop physical, reasoning, and social skills while learning to execute fun moves in a positive, predictable environment. Children increase their movement repertoire, spatial understanding and build confidence.


Roads to Reading

For children ages 5-8


The ability to learn to read begins with movement.  In this class, children develop the foundational motor skills necessary for reading through movement and dance activities. Necessary motor skills required for reading include secure balance, eye-hand coordination, and the ability to use both sides of the body simultaneously.