We offer specialized motor training programs that lay the neurodevelopmental foundation for learning. 

"There is an increasing body of evidence to support the theory that physical skills support academic learning and are involved in emotional regulation and behavior."

Sally Goddard Blythe

Movement is the primary developer of our neurological system.  Repeatedly executing specific movements creates and strengthens pathways from low brain areas to higher brain areas where academic learning occurs. 
Research over the past forty years has shown that neuro-motor immaturity is frequently the underlying cause of learning challenges.
The most effective antidote for neuro-motor delay is movement.
Creating a simple, consistent, contained movement routine, can help strengthen neural pathways to higher brain centers and can also give struggling students a much-needed boost.

Socialization Skills

Due to quarantine and social distancing regulations, students will need to learn new types of socialization skills.  It is important to recognize that both physical and environmental factors play a part in every child’s academic, social and emotional success.   

Academic Skills

Children learn experientially by doing.  Adding sensory activities such as movement, touch, and sound, aids in engaging children which is more important than ever with many children attending school virtually through a computer screen.

Mindfulness & Emotional Skills

Many children have experienced quarantine as confusing, disruptive, and isolative – it’s our job to help them manage anxiety, calm their bodies and minds.  Creating rites and rituals that students can participate in whether in the physical classroom or learning virtually is especially important now.

Behavioral Skills

Re-introduction of structure in a natural, organic manner is most effective.  Too much screen time, inconsistent schedules and months of isolation have interrupted our students’ lives.  It will be important to outline behavioral expectations in a positive, direct manner that will help children feel more confident as well as increase self-esteem.

"Mary Cartales is a brilliant, highly experienced Movement Expert who effectively uses her theoretical and practical knowledge base as a form of intervention. " 

Beatriz Coronel

Life is Precious Program Coordinator -

Comunilife, Inc. New York, NY


Mary E. Cartales

 MS, MA, DMT, INPP Certified Licentiate

The Programs


Motor Training for


Delay Remediation

For Children 6 & above

Available in your home, private sessions are tailored to your child’s individual needs and are beneficial for children with learning challenges. Mary will conduct a formal assessment and determine your child’s level of neuro-motor maturity. She will then design a motor-training program for your child consisting of specific exercises to be performed once daily. The exercises take around 5-10 minutes and should always be executed under parental or care-giver supervision.


"Much more of the brain is devoted to movement than to language.  Language is only a little thing sitting on top of this huge ocean of movement."

Oliver Sacks

In-School Program Design & Facilitation

For Schools and Groups

Mary works cooperatively with you and your staff to design and facilitate movement programs that are specific to your organization’s needs.


"Movement is essential to learning. Movement integrates and anchors new information into our neural networks."

Carla Hannaford


Professional Development courses for pre-school and elementary teachers

For Teachers & Program Facilitators

Professional Development workshops are filled with effective, and exciting information on utilizing movement activities to help children learn.  Teachers and program facilitators will gain insight into how movement plays a crucial role in neurological development and how to incorporate movement activities into their daily classroom curriculum.


"To effectively teach a child one must reach the child in mind-body-heart, not just intellect, not just the linear-left brain we make such a priority."

Vince Gowmon

Navigating the New Classroom

For Teachers & Administrators

Support in re-introducing age-appropriate social, emotional, and behavioral skills after months of isolation and limited movement opportunities. Introduction of rites, rituals, and sensory activities to support learning, mindfulness, and confidence.


"This work has made me better at finishing homework and has also helped me with my independence and not getting car-sick

and most of all shooting hoops in B-Ball."

W.C. Brooklyn, NY age 11




I have worked with Mary Cartales for many years. I have observed her work with our toughest customers as well as our shining stars and she makes learning, experiencing, contributing accessible to all levels of learners. Beyond the creativity and underneath the pedagogy are empathy, understanding, and compassion.  We are all better off with Mary working with our youth.

Katha Cato

Director of After School & Camp Services, retired Henry Street Settlement House

New York, NY